Global Women Story Circle

Global Women Story Circle™

Every day is a story. Every life is a journey. Global Thinker, Wealth Literacy Advocate, Attorney, Mountain Hiker, Mozella Perry Ademiluyi, has founded a platform where our stories can be shared and celebrated in all their variety, uniqueness, and commonality to achieve and sustain healthy, focused and fulfilled lives — the complete self.

The complete self is global. As John Donne famously said, “No man is an island.” The world is spherical, not just in fact but metaphysically and tangibly.

Please join us, March 2nd at 6:00pm EST USA / March 3rd at 6:00am Bangkok, Thailand Time for a sharing of ideas and stimulating conversation…

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Mozella has conceived “Global Women Story Circle” (“GWSC”) as a singular online community created to encourage women around the world to express their voices and discover the power of their own stories.

The global woman is a complete self. Her story is a circle because it includes, incorporates and embraces the many lives that surround and intersect with hers…literally and otherwise.

The essential components of life, love, success and optimum living are as diverse as an independent soul will allow itself to pursue. Ultimately, life is about taking chances. Being a participant as opposed to being an observer – the global woman is a participant, a contributor, a mover and shaker; one who initiates action as opposed to one who just reacts.

She can be in China, Brazil, Nigeria, or the United States. Her story is your story is my story; what divides us is less qualified than what unites and completes. Through this window of realization, Mozella has mapped the world into circles of conversation that cross boundaries and erase barriers. The Global Women Story Circle is our collective and progressive energy for transformational action. Voices are transmitted across our planet and people are listening — we are finally hearing each other and ourselves.