Poet and philosopher Mark Nepo introduced me to a wonderful poem last weekend – “Breaking Surface”. Through it, I realized again, how long I had been hiding, primarily from others. Why do we not wish to sing whom we really are, choosing to mumble instead? What keeps us in that space Marianne Williamson calls ‘playing …

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Given the opportunity, we respond well to deep exploration of who we are. However, we are more accustomed to inquiries about our professions and accomplishments and sometimes discover that we are initially less open to sharing the more personal landscapes within ourselves. This past weekend a group of women and I gathered at “Serenity On …

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Big changes! If we do not get that message anywhere else, “Gaia” continues to tell us so. Knock, knock, are you there? Are we listening? Sometimes we become mute or lack understanding as to what Mother Earth is telling us. Being receptive and having an expanded consciousness are both a desire and a choice, not …

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